Arctic North

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  • Duration: 7 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Húsavík
  • Product code: IH-15

This part of Iceland is inhabited by only a few people, most of them living in little fishing villages along the coast. There is a lot of diversity on this tour starting with beautiful mountain views from the wide Öxarfjörður Fjord. The Peninsula of Melrakkaslétta, which stretches almost to the Arctic Circle, is a paradise for birdwatchers and people with geological interest. Here we are right on top of the Mid Atlantic Ridge where the North-American and Eurasian plates drift apart. From mid-June to mid-July this area is “home” to the Midnight Sun which sends its golden light over the deep fjords of North Iceland.

Hosts for this tour are Halldór and Elín with their family from Bjarnastaðir Farm, known to many Icelanders for their excellent breeding of horses. Halldór is a respected member of his community and among other things, he is a “mountain king” when the time calls for gathering up the sheep in autumn.

Day 1: Reykjavík – Húsavík –  Bjarnastaðir – Presthólar
Departure from pick up points in Reykjavik to the Domestic Airport for the flight to Húsavík and transfer to Bjarnastaðir Farm. Pick up between 06:30 – 07:30. Please dress already in riding clothes and bring your passport or other identification for your domestic flight.  Bus transfer to Bjarnastaðir Farm, where we meet up with the guides and horses and have lunch. After a short introduction to the horses, we set out through Kerlingaskógur´s low bushy and enjoy great views over the Fjord Öxarfjörður and the famous Lake Skjálftavatn which suddenly appeared over night after a strong earthquake 28 years ago when the land had been lowered by 4 meters overnight. During our ride to Presthólar, we stop at Tungurétt round-up place and Kvíar (Fjárborgir) Canyon. Overnight at Bjarnastaðir and on our way there, we stop at Lundur swimming pool.

Day 2: Presthólar – Blikalón
We head north and enjoy the soft tracks of the Melrakkaslétta plains. The name Melrakki derives from an almost forgotten word for the fox. This area is a paradise for birds and well known for its fantastic nature, beautiful lakes filled with trout and rich vegetation. We finish the day by riding down the Blikalónsdalur valley, leave the horses at Blikalón and drive to Bjarnastaðir farm for an overnight stay.

Day 3: Blikalón – Raufarhöfn
During this riding day along the coast, we stop at Hraunhafnarviti Lighthouse, only 3 km away from the Arctic Circle and finish off at Raufarhöfn village. Most of the 250 inhabitants of this small village live of traditional fishing and we will take a good look at their way of life here in the far north of Iceland.

Day 4: Raufarhöfn – Flautafell
Today we continue to ride towards Flautafell farm which draws its name from the mountain Flautafell hovering over the area. Flautafell farm is an old abandoned farm house where nobody lives anymore. It’s about 65 meters above sea level with beautiful nature all around.

Day 5: Sight seeing around Langanes
On this exciting day, we rest the horses and head out on a fun bus tour to Langanes peninsula. The peninsula is known for its rich bird life and stunning nature with rock stacks in the sea full of birds and wild life.

Day 6: Flautafell – Bjarnastaðir
We meet our horses where we left them at Flautafell and head towards Bjarnastaðir over Öxarfjarðar heath. The heat is about 500m above sea level and around 60km long. Around 1850 there were lots of farms on the but all were abandoned after the volcanic eruption in 1875 so now this heath is very rural and you hardly ever see people there.

Day 7: Bjarnastaðir – Jökulsárgljúfur
On this adventurous day, we ride beside the majestic Jökulsárgljúfur canyon. The canyon is part of the Vatnajökull glacier national park. Through the canyon, you can see the longest glacier river in Iceland Jökulsá flowing from Vatnajökull glacier. On the way is a perfect photo stop where you can see the whole canyon behind you.

Day 8: Bjarnastaðir – Húsavík – Reykjavík
Before we say good bye to horses and drive to Húsavík airport to catch the flight to Reykjavik we will ride to Ásbyrgi canyon one of the wonders of nature, a horseshoe shaped canyon. The old saga says that the god Odin from northern mythology rode his giant horse Sleipnir who stepped down on the ground and formed this shoe print.  Arrival in Reykjavík in the afternoon.