Under the mystique midnight sun

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  • Duration: 5 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Húsavík
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On this unique tour we will let the
midnight sun guide our path! We ride during the night and sleep during the day.
The midnight sun is nowhere brighter than where we will be riding in the northernmost
part of Iceland. We will be riding exactly when the summer Solstice occurs on
June 21 when we have the longest day of the year. On that day we will have the
unique opportunity to see the sun shine through all three pillars of the Arctic
Henge in Raufarhöfn. This is a newly built monument for the island´s Pagan worshippers.

This part of Iceland is
inhabited by only few people, most of them living in little fishing villages
along the coast. There is a lot of diversity in this tour starting with riding
few days on the beach. The Peninsula of Melrakkaslétta, which stretches almost to the Arctic Circle, is a paradise for birdwatchers and
people with geological interest. Here we are right on top of the Mid Atlantic
Ridge where the North-American and Eurasian plates drift apart. From mid-June
to mid-July this area is “home” to the Midnight Sun which sends its golden
light over the deep fjords of North Iceland.

for this tour are Halldór and Elín with their family
from Bjarnastaðir Farm, known to many
Icelanders for their excellent breeding of horses. Halldór is a respected member
of his community and among other things he is a “mountain king” when the time
calls for gathering up the sheep in autumn.


Day 1. June 17: Reykjavík – Húsavík – 
Bjarnastaðir – Katastaðir

Departure from pick up points in Reykjavik www.busstop.is to the Domestic Airport for the flight to Húsavík and
transfer to Bjarnastaðir Farm. Pick
up between 06:
30 – 07:30. Please dress already in riding clothes and bring
your passport or other identification for your domestic flight.
 Bus transfer to Bjarnastaðir Farm, where we
meet up with the guides and horses and have lunch. After a short introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits we start
our ride. We will ride throughout Öxafjörður Fjord along the cost to Katastaðir
where we leave our horses and drive to Bjarnastaðir farm where we sleep in made
up beds. (33km)

Day 2. June 18: Katastaðir – Sigurðarstaðir

On this day we ride on the beach from Katastaðir to Sigurðarstaðir.
This path where we will be riding on is quite isolated and it is not likely
that we will meet a soul on our way. We will witness the blazing midnight sun
on the northern coast line and hear nothing but the sound of the hoofbeat
clicking on the ground, the waves of the ocean and birds quiring in the night.
After this amazing peaceful ride in the night we will drive to Bjarnastaðir to
rest. (28km)

Day 3. June 19:  Sigurðarstaðir –

We will continue our journey on the beach to the northern
most part of Iceland the small village Raufarhöfn. Most of the 250 inhabitants
of this small village live of traditional fishing. On the way we will witness a
rich birdlife along the coast and get to witness this beautiful place which has
the longest days and shortest nights in Iceland because of its position. (24 km)

Day 4. June 20: Melrakkaslétta – Katastaðir

this day we will head back over the soft tracks of the Melrakkaslétta plains. Melrakkaslétta
is known for its rich birdlife, many lakes to fish in and its unique beauty
over the Summer Solstice.  Its name comes
from the artic fox and if you look closely you might even see one steeling eggs
from a birdsnest. We will leave our horses at Katastaðir and get a good sleep
at Bjarnastaðir farm. (35 km)

Day 5. June 21: Katastaðir – Bjarnastaðir

Solstice occurs on this day! We will be at Raufarhöfn town to witness the
longest day and shortest night in Iceland. We
will have the unique opportunity to see the sun shine through all three pillars
of the Arctic Henge in Raufarhöfn. We
ride back with the majestic mountains on the east leading the way to
Bjarnastaðir farm. We ride through Kvíar slope which is about 165 meter above
sea level and witness the undescripable beauty of the northern most parts of
Iceland when the midnight sun shines over us.
(38 km)

Day 6. June 22. Sigtseing ásbirgi – Húsavík - Reykjavík

Here we will say good bye to horses and drive to Húsavík
airport to catch the flight to Reykjavik. On the way we will drive to Ásbyrgi
canyon, one of the wonders of nature, a horseshoe shaped canyon. The old saga
says that the god Odin from northern mythology rode his giant horse Sleipnir
who stepped down on the ground and formed this shoe print. 

- We reserve the right to alter the itinerary if necessary -